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Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Ha Long Must Visit in Your Vietnam Local Tour

Halong - one of the seven natural wonders of the world recognized by UNESCO, it is not only the pride of Quang Ninh people in particular but also the tourism industry in our country in general. Every year, Ha Long receives thousands of domestic and foreign tourists with attractive tourist spots in Ha Long such as Bai Chay, Co To Island, Tuan Chau Island, Sung Sot Cave. The top 5 attractions of Ha Long you must travel on your Vietnam local tour listed below. Make sure to put them on your plan. 

Best Times and Best Outdoor Activities in Vietnam to Be Suggested for Tourists

Though Vietnam was slow to develop its huge potential as an outdoor adventure destination, things have really changed in the last few years. Apart from trekking in the mountainous north, visitors can now also go rock–climbing, canyoning, sea kayaking or kitesurfing, among other activities, making outdoor activities in Vietnam awesome than ever.

Vietnam Adventure Tours to Be Spent on Top Festivals for Tourists

Festivals in Vietnam offer visitors the best opportunity for getting up close and personal with the myths, customs and fun-loving spirit of this proud nation. There are also plenty of cultural events that are only celebrated during certain times of the year (or years), so you’ll never know when one decides to pop up during Vietnam adventure tours.

Vietnam Adventure Tour: Discover Top National Parks in Vietnam

Vietnam is very famous for its natural beauty. From beaches to villages, we see the beautiful and peaceful life of this Asia people. There are many beautiful and natural parks in Viet Nam, if you are in Ha Noi, or plan to visit Ha Noi, where should you visit during the time here? Today, let’s discover more about Vietnam, these top 3 national parks near Ha Noi are what you should list to fulfill your Vietnam adventure tour ever.

Best Vietnam Travel Guides for a Trip to Dien Bien

Dien Bien is a border mountainous province in the northwestern region, which is 500km from Hanoi capital; Lai Chau province is bordered to the north, Son La province to the east and northeast, Yunnan province of China to the northwest; and Laos to the west and southwest. Coming to Dien Bien is coming to nature, visiting a historical place with proud victory in the Vietnam War. This article is going to mention top best Vietnam travel guides when visiting Dien Bien for all tourists.

Top Six Reasons for Having an Attractive Active Travel Vietnam

According to the website Lifehack (a famous website which often gives out some comments, suggestions to help people improve their life standard): “Vietnam is the country to bring to you unforgettable experiences. It is where you can look for relaxing holidays on the beach, or interesting outdoor exploring activities.” Indeed, coming to an active travel Vietnam, you will definitely love its sights, people and peace, which is proved clearly by the following particular reasons.

Violet Halong Cruise Being Worth Taken to Enjoy an Active Travel Vietnam

Launched on 1st November 2009, Violet Cruise Halong Bay has become one of the best five-stars for active travel Vietnam.  It is named after the beautiful Violet Chirita, a delicate purple-flowered plant grown only on the rocky slopes of Halong Bay, and its style features the 1930’s Indochine style. 

Best Beaches for Your Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam Adventure Tours

Across South East Asia mainland, there is a variety of exotic beaches for an enjoyable summer vacation. Here are some of the best choices if you are taking Myanmar, Thailand or Vietnam adventure tours.

Ha Long Bay Stopped the Kayak Rowing Service in Vietnam Adventure Tours

The Kayak rowing service on Ha Long Bay is going to be closed due to its signals of ripping off tourists, which badly affects the business environment on the bay. This has been an aching problem for tourism services in Quang Ninh province so far. Being affected by that, tourists can hardly find the interesting experiences during such adventurous tour in Vietnam.

Vietnam trekking - Hidden cave in Kong: Skull Island movie

You can follow the steps of Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson in Kong: Skull Island movie in your Vietnam trekking. But be honest, it is not only the “Skull Island”, it is also mostly Vietnam you can see in your hiking trails

Let’s go through the main filming locations include: Ha Long Bay, Quang Binh, Trang An – Tam Coc and some more rivers and mountains in the northern of Ninh Binh province to find out the reasons make they the perfect setting for a Holywood blockbuster.

Island of Cat Ba and Advice for Tourists in Vietnam Tours

Included in the world cultural heritage collection Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba is considered the biggest island with 367 isles in different sizes. The total acreage is up to 350 square kilometers. This summer, have you decided somewhere to go for Vietnam tours? This article provides you some suggestions for an exciting trip to Cat Ba, an outstanding destination for any tourist.

Ha Long City Overview

If Halong Bay is heaven, Halong City can be hell. Overdeveloped but underloved, the hideous high-rise hotels come in every shade of pastel and the beaches are definitely not the best in the region. However, the majority of food, accommodation and other life-support systems for Halong Bay are found in Halong City.

How to get to Halong Bay & Cat Ba island

Hanoi to Halong Bay
Halong Bay’s sister cities of Bai Chay and Hon Gai are about 165 kilometers northeast of Hanoi. The repaving of Highway 18 (and the redesign of Highway 5) has cut a full 90 minutes off what was formerly a 3-4-hour trip from Hanoi.

Getting There & Away and Getting Around

With a marked improvement in road around the region, boat transport is not as popular as it once was, but the hydrofoil Mong Cai remains a good option for any overlanding to China.

Plain sailing - Halong Bay, Vietnam

With 10 years’ experience hosting international travellers on the tranquil waters of Halong Bay, Indochina Sails has set a new standard for luxury cruising.

There be dragons – Halong Bay

The legend goes that the islands of Halong Bay were formed by dragons who spit out jade and jewels into the sea to help the Vietnamese build a barrier to defend against would be invaders. After attempts to conquer the area were thwarted, the dragons fell in love with the bay and took eternal residence there. One look at these giant, limestone karsts, and I couldn’t help but be overtaken with the sense that we were sailing among the sleeping beasts.

Cruise through life - Halong Bay cruise trip

Three days and two nights floating on Halong Bay can bring you the unforgettable moment in your life. Duc Hanh explores.

Halong Bay, Vietnam - Rock the boat

When it comes to taking package tours to Halong Bay Caitlin Worsham notices a pattern: no matter how much the price changes everything stays the same

Trip To Vietnam

Julie and Andrew wrote about their travel to Vietnam. This is the entry about their memory of kayak in Halong bay

Halong Bay in Asia's top five tropical island paradises

CNN (USA) recently listed Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay ito the Asia’s top five tropical island pradises where have the most beautiful sunsets that visitors should not miss. Accordingly, five sites were selected including Anambas Islands (Indonesia), Langwaki (Malaysia), two islands of Koh Chang; Similan (Thailand) and Ha Long Bay (Vietnam).

How to Enjoy a Trip to Halong Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam is a country of stunning natural beauty and a turbulent history. In the northern part of Vietnam, near Hanoi and the country’s border with China, lies Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The towering natural cliffs and islands that rise above the bay offer a picturesque view and the smooth water is an ideal surface for boats of all sizes.

Kayaking and Cycling in a World Heritage Bay

Halong Bay is one of the most spectacular, and therefore heavily ‘touristed’ attractions in Vietnam.  Stretching along the Northeast Vietnamese border with China it comprises thousands of limestone karst outcroppings and more than 750 islands of all sizes that dot the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin.

Kayaking in Halong Bay - Things to know

Halong Bay attracts thousands of passengers every month. Nearly five hundred cruises run every day and hundreds of passengers stay on board every night. Halong Bay is famous for its natural beauty and thousands of limestone islands and islets.

ACTIVETRAVEl ASIA recommends kayaking and cruising places in Vietnam

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA (ATA ) aims to advise travelers places to kayak and cruise in Vietnam. Travelers have the chance to discovery the breathtaking landscapes, remote scenery and get exciting experiences.

Floating in paradise in Halong Bay on luxury junk

GETTING to Halong Bay in Vietnam’s northeast has been quite a journey. 
It has taken almost four hours by road to cover the 180km from Hanoi, and all the while we are dodging a typhoon.

Grant Ha Long Bay

The first thing that I wanted to do when I got to Hanoi was leave. I ran into my man Stewart, who I had met previously in Hoi An. He had just booked a trip to Halong Bay with Fansipan Adventure company. I ran and grabbed Oskar so we could book the trip to go along.

Ha Long Bay conclusions and a confession

And now, our adventures at sea have drawn to close. We’ve sampled the budget, mid-range, and luxury tour options. And as we reflect on the experience, what conclusions can be drawn?

Ha Long Bay for backpackers

Two night/three day budget tour
Crammed into a jam-packed minivan, our tour commenced with us circling the block a few times to avoid getting ticked by the cops for illegally stopping to pick up some of our passengers, but then we were away and our guide introduced himself.

Ha Long Bay - The kayaking trip that wasn't

Our guesthouse in Hanoi, selected mainly for the convenience that it offered all of the tours we wanted to take, was happy to take our money and send us off on a “kayaking adventure” of Halong Bay, one of Vietnam’s premiere tourist sites. 

Bai Tu Long Bay

There’s more to northeastern Vietnam than Halong Bay. The sinking limestone plateau which gave birth to the bay’s spectacular islands, continues for some 100 km to the Chinese border. The area immediately north of Halong Bay is part of Bai Tu Long National Park.

Halong Bay - The New Seven Wonder of The World

Known as one of the new seven wonder of the world and one of Vietnam’s five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Halong Bay (Vietnamese: Vịnh Hạ Long, literally: “descending dragon bay”) is located in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam, 170 km east of Hanoi. The bay features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various sizes and shapes.

Karst and Caves of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is distinguished by the hundreds of small limestone islands that rise steeply or vertically from its shallow waters. Its dramatic and beautiful landscape is deservedly famous as one of the world’s outstanding natural sights, but it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site of international geomorphologic significance.

Sleeping in Halong City

If you have any choice in the matter, stay on a boat in the bay rather than in a hotel in Halong City. 

Eating in Halong city

Minihotels aside, most hotels have restaurants. If you’re in Halong City as part of a tour, the meals are usually included.

Cat Ba Island

Rugged, craggy and jungle-clad Cat Ba, the largest island in Halong Bay, is straight out of Jurassic Park. Lan Ha Bay, off the eastern side of the island, is especially scenic and offer numerous beaches to explore. While the vast majority of Halong Bay’s islands are uninhabited vertical rocks. Cat Ba has a few fishing villages, as well as a fast-growing town.

My stunning kayak in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam was one of the destinations that I most wanted to visit in Southeast Asia, and I finally made it there last week!

Things should Do with Private Tours to Vietnam

You are planing tours to Vietnam? So...Where to start? What must include and what can pass? That is general questions for all plans. We classify some most common travel purposes in which we suggest some must-done activities accordingly. You are planning a private Vietnam tour, so check it out and add whatever you want to your tour

Ha Long Bay for budget-busters

One night/two day upper-range tour
Many of the luxury tours offer two nights on the boat, and skip the whole Cat Ba Island experience, so we booked a two-day, one-night tour just to give us a taste of luxury.

How to pick the right Ha Long Bay cruise

The first thing you need to know about Ha Long Bay is that it’s beautiful and well-worth seeing.The only real question for the traveler in Vietnam is how best to see it and, like many things in Vietnam,  things are never as clear as they could be. 

Vietnam offers much in Halong Bay tours

According to ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA’s tours to South-East Asia, travelers want to visit some marvelous places in Vietnam that have been recommended by travel experts and reporters.

Ha Long Bay for flashpackers

Two night/three day mid-range tour
As with the budget tour, we kicked off with a packed minivan, but unlike the previous tour the staff were better trained, spoke better English, and were more informative.

Halong travel information

A natural wonder of the world and one of Vietnam’s five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, magnificent Halong Bay lies 160km to the east of Hanoi.

Halong bay Adventure Travel & Tours

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