How to Fix a Bathtub

A bathtub in the wash rooms may be circular, rectangular, square or quarter round in shape. The type depends on the design of the bathroom. Most of this are located adjacent to two walls in the room. The design of the bathroom has the other sanitary ware like the wash basins, water closets and shower enclosures. For most areas only a shower could be in the room, after redesign a tub is fixed. The type depends on space and resources available.

When fixing or replacing a bathtub, ensure it conforms to the plumbing installed. For a new tub create the space and allow all plumbing points are installed including the waste pipes. Start fixing the tub by positioning it in place and mark out. Create a decking for supporting below by building a course of walling and filling with sand. After this place the tub into position. Cut the holes for the mixer which has a hot, cold, and telephone shower.

Once the bathtub is in place and sitting on the decking, start by connecting to the waste pipe. This is located at the tub bottom. Join the flexible pipe provided to tub waste point with necessary jointing materials. Take the mixer and tie to the tub. Loop the hot and cold points from the wall to the tub mixer. place cement and mortar and surround the tubs steel supports on the floor. Run the water from hot, cold and telephone shower for ten minutes.

After fixing the bathtub basin, align the side cover into place.Lay the chosen ceramic wall and floor tiles around the tub. For a straight or regular bath, wall tiles are done on the exposed sides up to the brim. The service hatch tile cover is done with grouting only. Once tiling and grouting is compete, on the edge of tub joining the wall, a sealant is applied. This reduces chances of seepage between the wall and the basin edging.