How To Read Your Lip Print Lines, From An Expert

Have you at any point fixed a note with a kiss? You may have parted with something beyond your thoughtful aims and top layer of lipstick; you may have parted with data about your character and self.

No, this isn’t a DNA thing. We’re discussing lipsology or “lip print perusing.” Think of it in the group of palm perusing or tea perusing: Much like you can visit different spiritualists to peruse your introduction to the world diagram, palms, tea leaves, and tarot, you can add something extra to your special lip print. Furthermore, we should take note of, this isn’t about lips themselves—it’s in a real sense about the print your lips make when you kiss a paper on some random day. Hence, your perusing might be diverse at various occasions in your day to day existence, as the prints turn out in exceptional manners to you: Some days your lip engraving may seem more grounded, others more open, etc. Every lip print is individual to you, and ought to be seen thusly.

We’re here to give you all the data—furthermore, how to attempt it at home.

What is lipsology?

Lip print perusing—or, lip print reading—is an approach to decipher and gather characteristics from the lipstick stain that happens when you kiss a white piece of paper. It depends on your lip print’s size, lines, completion, etc. “What a guaranteed lipsologist does is decipher lip prints, which can tell character characteristics, energy levels, feelings, etc,” notes confirmed lipsologist Ariana Lightningstorm.

For your most exact perusing, you’ll probably have to visit an expert, as there are a great deal of factors to investigate. “There’s a great deal to know,” says Lightningstorm. “On the off chance that you’ve at any point investigated learning palmistry or soothsaying, you’ll comprehend that there’s an extraordinary arrangement to learn, and we are as yet finding out pretty much every one of the potential outcomes with lip prints since this is a genuinely new framework.”

Notwithstanding, there are a couple of general rules that you can investigate on the off chance that you need to do it without anyone else’s help, which we’ve laid out here. Be that as it may, we should take note of, this is certifiably not a full perusing with every one of the different signs and attributes somebody may have—consider this your amateur guide.

So the initial step, obviously, is to print your lip: Swipe on your number one lipstick, kiss a piece of paper, and your perusing is standing by.