India and South Korea Trade Relations on an Upward Swing

India imparts heartfelt relations to South Korea since 1962. Nonetheless, the presence of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, as the Chief Guest for the January 26 Republic Day festivities will additionally fortify the ties between the two countries.

Thinking back, it was in 1973 that India set up Ambassador level relations with South Korea. From that point forward ties between the two nations have been developing at a slow speed. In any case, with advancement of Indian economy in 1991, India made its ways for MNCs, and Korean organizations were quick to wander into the Indian business sectors. Before long Korean organizations like LG, Samsung, Daewoo and Hyundai have made their essence felt in a significant manner in India. The huge achievement of these organizations has seen huge number of organizations standing by to leave into the Indian business sectors.

The ensuing years have seen more expansive based relations between both the countries. Quickly developing exchange and venture stream obviously structure the premise of respective participation between the two countries.

The visit by an Indian President Abdul Kalam to South Korea in 2006 gave further lift to the exchange connection between the two states. It was first-historically speaking visit by an Indian President to the Republic of Korea which saw marking of a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.


The two-way exchange relations between two nations built up speed in the new years. Regardless of the turmoil around downturn worldwide, the exchange between du học hàn
the two countries have been becoming stronger to strength. In the year 2008, two-sided exchange developed by right around 39%. That very year, Korean imports timed a development of just about 42%, which were recorded at US$6.5 billion.

India’s significant Exports to Korea: Naphtha (US$3.88 billion worth), iron and steel, oil seeds buildup and steers feed. Indeed, even AC generators, photograph delicate semi-conductors and synthetic items and so forth have been slowly getting the extravagant of the Koreans.

India’s significant imports from Korea: Auto parts including motors, ships/big haulers, iron and steel items, composts, footwear, boats and synthetics.

Republic of Korea trades developed at 36% arriving at an aggregate sum of US$8.9 billion. In 2001, the complete exchange remained at US$2.52 billion, after seven years it has expanded very nearly multiple times and according to ROK gauges remains at US$15.5 billion. Notwithstanding, it was during the most recent two years the exchange diagram has shown a lofty vertical bend for example more than 100%.

The travel industry and Cultural ties

A travel industry arrangement was endorsed among India and South Korea in 1993, trying to give a new impulse to the travel industry and social trades between both the nations. Truth be told number of celebration and social occasions has been coordinated in South Korea in an undertaking to instruct the majority about India’s profound established social practices. A 55 in number Indian unexpected of performing expressions had as of late visited South Korea to take part in the third Delphic Games.


The quantity of Indian understudies selecting Korean Universities is on the ascent. Besides even Korean understudies appear to be keen on coming to India and seek after additional training in chief specialized foundations like IITs. Jawaharal Nehru University and Delhi University have even dispatched exceptional Korean Studies and Korean Language courses. Similarly, two South Korean Universities have likewise thought of Indian Studies Department.

Non-Resident Indians in South Korea

There are around 6000 non-inhabitant Indians in South Korea. They incorporate financial specialists, IT experts, researchers, research colleagues, understudies and laborers. There are around 150 finance managers managing principally in materials, more than 1000 IT experts and specialists, 600 hundred researchers/post doctoral examination researchers.