Texas Tech University Red Raiders Basketball

The Texas Tech University Red Raiders b-ball group contends in the profoundly serious Big 12 Conference close by perpetual stalwart projects like the University of Kansas and the University of Texas. While the Big 12 is predominately referred to around the country as a football gathering the gathering of 12 groups from seven states (Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas) reliably sends 5 or 6 groups to the NCAA Tournament each March. In numerous regards the achievement the Big 12 has in football (having showed up in 7 of the last 10 public title games) eclipses the achievements on the hardwood where each season groups like the Texas Tech Red Raiders venture up and have a huge effect on the school ball scene.

Situated in the West Texas city of Lubbock the Texas Tech Red Raiders and their 30,000 understudies (24,000 undergrad and 6,000 alumni) are ordinarily connected with their football program disregarding the way that the b-ball has had a comparable degree of progress. Throughout the long term the Red Raiders have won 5 gathering competitions and 6 ordinary season titles during their time in the now old Southwest Conference (broke down in May, 1996). The Texas Tech program has an amazing 14 NCAA Tournament appearances surprisingly and has had the qualification of sending around twelve players on to play proficient ball in the NBA usahataqwa

The current (February, 2010) Texas Tech University Red Raiders are trained by Pat Knight. Pat is the child of previous Red Raiders mentor and ball Hall of Fame part Bob Knight. A lot to the amazement of school b-ball adherents Pat Knight assumed control over the head training duties at Texas Tech for his dad mid-season in 2008. Mentor Pat Knight previously joined the Red Raiders in 2000 as an aide. In March of 2001 Pat’s dad, amazing Coach Bob Knight, was employed to supplant James Dickey as the Texas Tech lead trainer. In spite of the way that Pat was tapped in 2005 to be the beneficiary evident when his dad ventured down the circumstance of the mid-season retirement of Bobby Knight on February 4, 2008 actually overwhelmed a significant part of the country.

Preceding his retirement Bob Knight had a fruitful training stretch at Texas Tech University that closed with a 138-82 record more than 7 seasons. Despite the fact that Bobby Knight didn’t encounter a similar degree of progress as he had before in his training profession while with Indiana where he won various public titles his effect on the Texas Tech Red Raiders program was verifiably sure. During his time in Lubbock Coach Knight arrived at record breaking achievements that focused on a remarkable measure of the Texas Tech ball program during when the school would have likely in any case been under the radar of most significant school bands stories. On New Year’s Day 2007 Bob Knight outperformed Dean Smith for sole ownership of the most instructing triumphs ever with 880 to his name. Barely a year later on January 16, 2008 Knight turned into the first mentor in quite a while’s school ball to at any point arrive at the 900 success mark.