Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Industrial Steam Cleaner Machines

March 16, 2021 Off By admin

An industrial steam cleaner offers multiple advantages. The sturdiness, reliability, and productivity of a high quality industrial steam cleaner translates into greater scope for cleaning hard surfaces as diverse as tile and glass. You can use an industrial steam cleaner to mop floors, sanitize bathrooms, and make kitchens grease and dirt build-up free. Many industrial steam cleaning machines offer the advantage of easy boiler refilling, which makes the cleaning process smooth and hassle free, not to mention safe.

Modern steamer systems have many advantages that the contractor may or may not be aware of. Some of these advantages are listed below.

Durable Boiler, Easy Replacement
The latest industrial steam cleaning products come equipped with stainless steel boilers. This type of boiler is sturdy and more tolerant of high temperature and pressure. An additional advantage is a detachable heating element. This design makes heating element easier and cheaper to replace. Purchase your vapor steaming system from a dealer willing to offer suitable warranties. The best machine carries a lifetime boiler warranty, which frees the buyer from worries about boiler replacement costs.

Cost Advantage 
A high-quality boiler minimizes maintenance and replacement costs. If the boiler is durable and self cleaning, it will last longer and provide better cleaning results. A warranty makes the replacement of the parts easier and cheaper. Moreover, look at the cost of parts or accessories you are expected to replace regularly. If the stainless steel or nylon brushes are very expensive, you would be hard pressed to replace them on a regular basis. Therefore, look for machines with cheap accessories, as it would lower the cost of operations significantly.

Air Purification
Contractors who use machines fitted with HEPA filters can offer air purification as an additional reason for clients to use their services. Air purification rids indoor areas of allergens, dust, and tiny particles. Use a steam vacuum cleaner with air purifying mechanism, so that you can remove particles as tiny as 3 microns from indoor surfaces.

Another advantage to using a multi purpose steam vacuum cleaner is that you can perform dry vacuuming and wet vacuuming tasks with ease. The dry vacuum mechanism helps remove dry debris and surface layers of dust, while wet vacuuming suctions away the extra moisture left behind after steam application.